Friday, 25 October 2019

Here's a song I've always loved: 
The Cure 'Friday I'm In Love', but what kind of love is this? Cure songs are never as simple as they seem and I've never been quite sure, plus there's so many interpretations of it's meaning on the internet, it's whatever you want it to be. 
One thing is for sure it's an upbeat song while this official video won the 'Best Music Video (European Viewers Choice)' at the 1992 MTV Awards. Love those chiming guitars > it's Friday...

Friday, 18 October 2019

"Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin"

Once upon a time in a land of make believe when the guitar players sat down, the drummer sang backing vocals and the lead singer told fanciful stories, this was the beginning of Genesis, and a revelation.
I discovered the band rather by chance and have numerous tales I could tell (but not for here, though if you'd like me to bore you rigid anytime, I'd happily oblige).
This is more about a recent PROG magazine poll taken by 40,000 readers to vote for their favourite Genesis songs. The magazine then compiled a Top 40 list.
Having discovered the band in 1971, with the 'Nursery Cryme' LP, I bought their earlier album 'Trespass' and all their subsequent releases up to the 1977 "...and then there were three". While Peter Gabriel leaving the band was less of a problem, this slightly disappointing album suffered due to the departure of guitarist Steve Hackett. I didn't buy any Genesis LPs after this ! So I was especially interesting to hear tracks in this Top 40 selected from 'Duke' in 1980 and beyond.
Now I know I try not to repeat a band or artist on the FMS and students out there will have spotted that this has not been set in stone. Pink Floyd, Joe Bonamassa, Rod Stewart have all appeared more than once and though we have had a Genesis track: 'Firth of Fifth' - this was in fact the Steve Hackett Band while Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel were solo releases. (links highlighted) we haven't actually had Genesis on ! Clever reasoning right?
In reviewing those later songs I found this excellent Special Edit travelogue video spanning the years to 2007: A scary looking Phil Collins and sticking with the drum theme of the last few weeks, some brilliant duel drumming from Phil and Chester Thompson.
Take it away Genesis - 'Duke's Travels/End 'live'.

Friday, 11 October 2019

"Alexa: play Fleetwood Mac"...
 and this never comes up ? (I only heard it for the first time earlier this year). Despite it appearing in the 'Rolling Stone' 50 Best Fleetwood Mac tracks and is on a 2009 release 'The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac' CD.
"What Makes You Think You're the One" is a Lindsey Buckingham song from the 'Tusk' LP released on 12th October 1979.
This is the best sound version on YouTube (no video, I'm afraid) so you can clearly hear Mick Fleetwood killing it on the drums

>>> From one 1960s drummer to another. Scroll down or click link for a tribute to Ginger Baker.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

–   A    T  R  I  B  U  T  E   –
to Ginger Baker who sadly died last Sunday, 6th October 

"Peter Edward 'Ginger' Baker was a paradox: a gamechanging rock drummer who insisted that he “never played rock,” a forefather of heavy metal who couldn't stand the genre, and a Londoner who thoroughly assimilated African drumming styles."
I couldn't really find a video that showed that much of the drumming of Ginger Baker, so here's a bio with whole lot you may not know about him... (and some great old black and white footage).

⏯ Video is for the 2007 Zildjan Drummers Achievement Awards when Ginger Baker received a lifetime award.

Friday, 4 October 2019

I first heard this a few months ago and ear marked it for around this time.

This is Ben Folds singing 'Still Fighting'. When you see the video and hear the lyrics 'Good Morning Son' 'You're so much like me' 'And one day you'll fly away from me' - you will know why I selected it now, the day before my son's 29th birthday.
One person's experience is never exactly the same as yours, but this rings enough bells. A personal Star Track Spot this week...