Friday, 27 September 2019

An early contestant for 'Bargain Buy of the Year', I recently picked up the debut album by Yorkshire's alternative rock band Embrace at 'Poundland' in Maidenhead, for the stupid price of only £1.

'The Good Will Out' was released in 1998 and is full of great songs. This one in particular, was the second track released as a single and the first to reach the charts.
'Fireworks' performed live on Jools Holland.

Follow the thread on YouTube (.... Best album ever etc. etc.) - all for a Pound !!!
If you like? Then check out these other tracks off the album: 
> 'That's All Changed Forever'
> 'Come Back To What You Know'
> 'Higher Sights'
> 'Retread'
> 'Now You're Nobody'

Friday, 20 September 2019

Always happy to play any requests from listeners, here's one I recently received that takes us back once again to the year 1969. 

Not inappropriately titled 'Living In The Past' - Jethro Tull* had a UK No.3 single in late June of that year. Later released on a hits compilation in 1972 it became the band's their first top 20 hit in the US.

*Google Jethro Tull and you get the band. You need to search far harder for the English agriculturist and inventor of the seed drill, part of the Industrial Agricultural Revolution in 1700. And part of my 1969 GCE History revision. 😊 

Friday, 13 September 2019

I've read, twice is a coincidence while a third time is a pattern (a sign) if you like.

Having mentioned Creedence Clearwater Revival at the end of the Woodstock blog (August 16), saying that their performance was never a part of the LPs or Film soundtracks released, than I read their hour long set from the festival was to be finally made available on vinyl and CD. (click here)
Then I'm watching the movie 'Die Hard 4' and on comes 'Fortunate Son' > resistance is futile, Creedence Clearwater Revival - 'It ain't me' - hit it...

A rather short track this week, deserves another I think. 'Fortunate Son' was not part of the band's Woodstock performance, this track was: 'Proud Mary'. 'Live' show around the same time in 1969. 

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ERRATUM (setting the record straight)
Seems my use of the expression 'lungs of the planet' in last weeks Music Spot was an incorrect metaphor. Along with, according to this National Geographic article (click link), the % figures, widely quoted in the news, regarding oxygen and its production are equally in need of correction. 
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Friday, 6 September 2019

In contrast to last week's upbeat "Good Times" here's the flip side, as it were.

With the rebel alliance becoming a force, power struggle disruptions and world leaders dividing love and hate as the lungs of the planet are burning. It begins to sound like a blockbuster disaster movie. Unfortunately it's all to real ! 
So how about a soundtrack by Leonard Cohen ? Singing 'Who By Fire' from his album 'New Skin for the Old Ceremony' performed live in London. Very interesting song...  luckily it's not all gloom - the 12-string guitar is wonderful as is some memorable organ and pulsing double bass at the end.