Friday, 30 September 2016

Last weekend was a 'Lost Weekend'. Did you see it ?
The BBC in all its wisdom handed over the reigns of its BBC4 tv station to none other than Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. Now this may seem foolhardy at the very least: 27 hours of viewing over 3 nights under the influence of a rock legend! Titled 'Keith Richards' Lost Weekend', it was anything and everything he found interesting. A mix of documentaries, cartoons, videos and favourite films interspersed with philosophical musings, while being semi interviewed by Julien Temple.
Plenty of music as you'd expect > there's a playlist posted by NME and many of the programmes are currently available on catch-up tv* > I was torn as to which song I'd pick from the many played, but I've finally gone for this. From his recent LP 'Crosseyed Heart' this is 'Trouble'. Old rocker, new song.

*The 'Keith Richards - The Origin of the Species' was a particularly good watch, as was 'London: A Modern Babylon'. Try to catch them.

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