Friday, 27 November 2020

Welcome back my friends, to the disc that never ends... 
There was another track on the 'PROG magazine' CD that introduced me to an artist called Dreaming David K (aka David Kovacevic) and Organic. 'Lost In Space' was described in the magazine as having hints of ELO and Jeff Wayne's 'War of the Worlds' - I would go on to discover there was plenty more besides that to be enjoyed. 
My take is it sounds like Camel, Genesis, ELP, Yes, Greenslade, Colosseum & ELO all rolled up on the same night to stage an 'everything but the kitchen sink' night to remember. On David Kovacevic's website: (link) he lists a few more influences to those bands I've mentioned. To put it simply there's a lot going on and the album release 'Mr. Passive Progressive' in a review here (link2) says "it needs to be heard. Throwing out more than a nod and a wink to most of the bands above." 
The album finale is 'One Last Chance' - so welcome to the world of Dreaming David K >

Naturally I have some more for you:
That 'Lost In Space' track (nice video) >
And the excellent bonus track on the album CD called 'Rock 'n' Roll Heaven' that take us to a place we have all no doubt imagined at some time or another > 

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