Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Early hours of this morning Scott embarked* on another trip with his girlfriend, along with a mate, taking the scenic route all the way to Japan.
All you Facebookers can no doubt follow their trail East, but for those of you incurable travellers, like me, who want to play TimeZones I've concocted this map. As there are 10 different time zones between London and Tokyo plus the confusion of Japan actually being one hour back again after being +10, this may help you have some idea where in the world they are. Their dotted Red route on the map is: 
Tallinn>St Petersburg>Moscow>Yekaterinburg>Irkutsk>Vladivostok>Tokyo. All aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway, then a flight to Japan, where they should arrive about three weeks from now. I for one am not going to miss the opportunity to imagine I'm right there with them.
Happy travelling everyone…. 
(useful website if required:


Anyone from South London looking for further evidence that Stansted Airport is a pain in the arse, check this out. I dropped them off at the Express Set Down > we unloaded the bags, said goodbyes and bon voyage, I never even switched off the car engine. It cost £3 to do this ! 
Given that the option of using the train from London costs £19 per person (it's cheaper to go to Norwich, 3x the distance), and a bus is more like £13 than the £5 often advertised. Stansted is taking the proverbial, I think. Be warned >> moan over !

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